Monday, December 8, 2008

Eating Right For Optimum Health

If you read the last blog post you learned there are 5 things you must do to achieve your best health and also maintain it: 1) Eat right 2) Exercise 3) manage their stress level 4) Get proper rest 5) maximize their nervous system potential by getting their spine checked.
Eating Right Is An Important Part Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Today we are going to expand on Eating Right...

Let’s clear up something right now, I’m not a big fan of any serious diet plans out there. Especially one’s that starve you and one’s that advertise still eating a dessert after every meal or a chocolate shake for breakfast. First, everything in moderation. It’s fine to drink a glass of soda once in a while, just not every night. Same goes for other sweets – make them a treat. Also, if you want a glass of wine with dinner at night that’s ok too, just don’t drink till you are hammered night after night. If you drink a cup of coffee every morning ok, just hold back when going for that 2nd, 3rd, and 4th or more cups; I know who you are. I also see some awfully big cups out there. There is actually some benefits of some of these things, in moderation of course. Second, if you actually believe a no-fat or low fat diet is good, get with the times. Use common sense with what you are eating. They chemically alter these foods to remove the fat or remove something else. And think about it, ever since this low fat diet fad started, people have only gotten fatter. The same goes for unnatural soy, that stuff is chemically engineered from the get go, just so humans can eat it.

Let’s go back to the basics. When we were put on this earth, what did we eat? Did we eat hostess snack cakes, or pilsberry rolls, or in other words all of these complex carbs and sugars – No. We ate fruits and vegetables and meats and all the other good stuff that comes from these plants and trees and animals - natural, unaltered foods, with normal ingredients.

There really is so much to go over on this one subject alone of eating right we will come back to it again soon. I want to stay on track and cover all 5 bases of how to achieve and maintain optimum health 1st.

So keep your eyes open for the next blog on how exercise is another component and why so many out there are just lost when it comes to what to do, when to do it, and how to get started!

...And remember we must do all of these things to stay healthy. Most importantly we have to keep our nervous system healthy because it runs the show! For the body to even absorb all the nutrients it needs, and for each body reaction that takes place, the nervous system needs to be at its best. Chiropractic treatment keeps that nervous system doing it's job. And now with DRX9000 spinal decompression we take natural treatments for the spine and chiropractic to the next level.

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Robin Plan said...

I love this post - you said it so right about the diet foods and moderation. I will be back to read more, great blog!


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