Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finally...A Successful Treatment For Low Back Pain - The DRX9000!

Back Sugery For Low Back Pain Is A Last Resort When All Else Fails
If you have severe back pain, leg pain, or sciatica, don't make a quick decision to opt for surgery!

A good surgeon will tell you: "I'm not going to perform your surgery until you've tried every else that may possibly help your pain."

Because the DRX9000 Spinal Decompression treatment is still relatively new, most pain sufferer's have tried alot of other treatments before they make it into our office for a consultaion.

The great news is that it is one more option to try before opting to do surgery that we now have.

What we have seen with our years in the world of medicine is that spinal surgery is very dangerous and not very successful at relieving back pain. I just saw the news a couple nights ago and they talked exactly about this. Here's the link: NBC Back Pain Series

They explain how when it comes to back surgey we are really just scratching the surface.

I cannot stress enough that you should exhaust all your options before electing to go ahead with surgery.

With back surgery your chances of getting better are less than 50/50; with the DRX9000your chances are closer to 80%. I almost forgot to mention...there's no chance of getting worse...unlike surgery, which can even be life threatening!!

To email our office with any questions you may have about the back or leg pain you or a loved one may be suffering contact us at info[at]ctbackdr[dot]com(change [at} to @, change dot to .)

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