Monday, July 14, 2008

"I Have Stenosis And Arthritis in My Lumbar Spine. Is It Too Late To Rlieve My Back Pain?"

"I Have Stenosis And Arthritis in My Lumbar Spine...Is It Too Late To Rlieve My Back Pain?"
lumbar herniation causing stenosis

It is advised to get to our office or a doctor close to you before you pain reaches a severe level and before the degeneration becomes extreme. However we have been able to help many patients who thought they were going to somehow just live with their pain. Patient's who were told by another doctor they would have to live with it; or told because of their stenosis "there's nothing we can do."

Sometimes people have tried so many treatments - medication, low back pain injections, accupuncture, physical therapy; that they have just about given up.

Arthritis and back degeneration are the same thing. And stenosis occurs when that breakdown narrows the holes where either your nerves come of your spinal cord or the hole in the back of the spine the spinal cord travels down.

You see, for you to remain pain free and for your body to work like it should, without muscle problems and problems walking or standing for example, all of your nerves must be free from pressure or interference.

When your disc start to deteriorate, they bulge and flatten. Both the bulging and flattening of your discs shrink the hole or space your nerves have to flow out of off of you spinal cord. This is called stenosis.

lumbar disc bulge causing stenosis

This is definitely bad news! But the good news is: The DRX 9000 Spinal Decompression may be able to help!!
Read what some of our patients with severe pain and degeneration and even stenosis had to say.

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