Thursday, February 2, 2017

How important Is It I Have A neck Roll?

It is very important your pillow has a neck roll and gives you good support. Often if your pillow is too soft or old, it has lost its support. We need the neck roll because it keeps A "C" curve in the neck. When you have a "C" curve of the neck, the nerve fibers have no pressure. But when we lose that curvature we get pression nerves which could lead to problems. This may not just be in pain it may also mean tingling, numbness, weakness, or something else. The bottom line here is that for our bodies to work like they should we need to have the nerves free of pressure because any pressure equals a problem. A pillow that doesn't give support allows your neck to flatten out - exactly what you don't want. The Back Dr’s specializes in pain relief for the neck and the lower back. We will help you have better posture, get better sleep and help you be more comfortable. Helping you find natural remedies for your active lifestyle.

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