Saturday, July 23, 2016

Botox Injections for Neck Pain...

Many who read this won't take any medication for their pain. However sometimes somebody may try something to get over that proverbial 'hump'. I myself like to do as much natural as i can but if that doesn't work - try the meds. That does depend a bit on the side effects. For example someone may get good results taking the Botox for Migraine headaches, but if it's causing severe neck pain?...

Most issues can be solved by correcting your spine and way of life. Typically, what I mean by way of life is diet. what you are doing every day and what you eat on a regular basis can make a huge difference...

The Back Dr’s specializes in pain relief for the neck and the lower back. We will help you have better posture, get better sleep and help you be more comfortable. Helping you find natural remedies for your active lifestyle.

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