Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Heels That Look Painful...

I recently traveled by plane to visit my friends that I have known for a long time. As I was waiting for my connecting flight, I had nothing to do but "people watch". I saw a couple woman with heels on that looked so uncomfortable. One looked like she was actually in pain walking...

We have to remember if we don't have a sturdy base we will get problems higher up the body. In other words, bad foot alignment will affect our spines.

Not only that, our gaits (how we walk) plays a role too. In the airport, this was Atlanta by the way; a big airport. So you may have to walk a long distance as well.

Bottom line is that if they look painful, they probably are. All I'm saying is that when you travel, you don't need a big heel, because it may hurt your feet and do damage further up the spine.

The Back Dr’s specializes in pain relief for the neck and the lower back. We will help you have better posture, get better sleep and help you be more comfortable. Helping you find natural remedies for your active lifestyle.

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