Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Low Back Injuries- No One Is Immune

Low Back injuries: No more is immune
What I have learned in my now 10 years of being in practice is everyone is a little different. The same adjustment for everyone really doesn’t work. The reason: everyone has different injuries. There are also thousands of different misalignment patterns. Dr. Wendy Schauor, chiropractor, had a major injury to her back about 10 years ago. She tried a lot of treatments and therapies with minimal results. Then she learned about using kettle bells (ACA news Jan ‘12).

The point is, there is no harm in trying something. If there’s no possible back lash or side effects, like from jumping into taking medication or doing some kind of surgery, then give it a try! Ask your chiropractor, he/she may know a lot about it.

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