Wednesday, December 14, 2011

“Doc, can you Cure my Low Back Pain?”

I don’t like to use the “cure” word because you never know. Back pain comes from so many things, and it can go away and return, etc …

That being said, I’m sure we can help, possibly make the pain go away 100% or close to it. Using chiropractic care- chiropractic adjustments, muscle massage, and therapies we are able to align the spine, reduce inflammation, and pinpoint the cause of the pain. Aligning the spine and reducing inflammation takes pressure off of the nerves allowing the body to heal.

This works much better than a medication. A medication for your back pain either masks the pain (covers it up) or it may help reduce the inflammation, but not get rid of the true cause. This might be great for the short-term to get you through a couple days at work, but for the long-term when pain returns and returns again we are in trouble.

Your chiropractor helps with the root cause to help you get better for the long-term so back pain or neck pain don’t return again quickly.

The Glastonbury Chiropractor is located in central Connecticut- CT Spine and Disc Center specializes in patients who suffer from sciatica, disc degeneration, bulging disc or herniated disc in the lumbar spine. Call our chiropractic office at 860-633-8756 to schedule an appointment and to see if you are a candidate for non surgical spinal decompression


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