Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chronic Back Pain Can Be Directly Related to Overall Health...

Back pain can happen to anyone, but I can tell you that individuals who are overall healthy- heal quicker, respond better to care, and often have a lower level of pain. Here are some steps to take to improve your overall health which will help get rid of, lessen, and prevent back pain.

#1- We are what we eat! Putting in good fuel means we’ll get good fuel out. Limit going out to eat because you don’t know what’s in a lot of the things you’re getting, plus you sometimes can’t avoid the fried stuff and sugars.

#2- Start walking a little everyday. Just a 20 minute walk a few days a week makes a difference. Get out, get some sun and fresh air.

#3- Avoid excess stress and toxins to your system. If you smoke and/or drink, try to decrease it; if your job is extremely stressful, do what you can to change your environment if possible. Mental stress will eventually turn itself into physical stress.

#4- Drink a little more water and take a multivitamin supplement. We all know these days that it’s impossible to get all the vitamins and minerals we need from our food, we really need to supplement. Also, most people I know don’t drink enough water.

Try doing these things as best you can and watch your health improve. Add chiropractic treatment to the list and you’ll become not just a little healthier, but one of the healthiest.

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